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About the Faculty

The town of Cacak, seated in the Heavenly Garden - as named by a famous mediaeval travelogue-writer, is aptly considered one of our country’s educational centres.

Reaching back to both recent and earlier histories of this region, we find substantial evidence of development of literacy and culture. The monasteries of Ovcar and Kablar Gorge, notable for their monastic scrivener school that brought to light far-famed 'Gospel of Monastery of St Nicholas', is situated in close vicinity of Cacak. Of all schools of the region, many of them having a century long tradition, the local Gymnasium is certainly one of the oldest in Serbia. This year, it is celebrating its 170-year anniversary.

The fact that as early as the second half of the XX century Cacak became the centre of higher education is no surprising at all, in view of its rich historical heritage in the field of education and culture.

We educate future engineers, teachers and managers, preparing them for successful future through the application of acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The current teaching programmes have been adjusted to comply with the European standards of education. We are following current tendencies, and are fully dedicated to the work ensuring the leading position of our institution in Western and Central Serbia.

The Faculty includes the following Sections:

Electrical and computer engineering,

Technics and Informatics,

Engineering Management,

Information Technology,

Mechatronics and

Entrepreneurship Management

Along with its educational activity, the Faculty has been conducting intensive scientific-research work that has resulted in completion of a large number of masters and doctoral theses. The Faculty has established a prolific co-operation with numerous scientific and economic institutions in the country and abroad. The long-term co-operation with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the field of modern materials ought to be particularly emphasized.

Over its thirty-year long existence, Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak has evolved into one of the most prominent scientific-research institutions of this part of Serbia. Accordingly, it is an important centre for gaining and advancement of knowledge, projecting and development, innovations and application of modern technical achievements. Technical Faculty has proved a steady supporter to the economy of the region as well.

Apsolventi Tehnickog fakulteta, jun 2009