FTN Teachers in Austria within the CEPUS Network for Teacher and Student Mobility

The Faculty of Technical Sciences teachers dr Ivana Krsmanović and dr Vesna Petrović, paid a visit to the Campus 02 College in Graz from September 11th to 14th, 2023, as part of the teaching mobility of the Central European University Exchange Program (CEPUS). The purpose of their visit was to strengthen international cooperation in the field of scientific research, which has been ongoing for several years between these two institutions.




Within the Smart Automation study program, the teachers held lectures and workshops related to computer-assisted English language learning, as well as interdisciplinary topics related to the use of the English language in organizing and running business meetings and correspondence with foreign partners.



Additionally, students from Campus 02 were informed about the study programs offered by FTN Čačak in order to be acquainted with various opportunities that our faculty can offer to foreign students for further advancement. Furthermore, the teachers meet dr Dagmar Archan, the Director of The Centre for Innovation in Teaching at Campus 02, to consider the strengthening of ties between the teachers of both institutions for further collaboration and partnerships in joint projects.