Students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak successfully completed their internship in Spain as part of the Erasmus+ Mobility Program.

During the summer semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, students Biljana Kurćubić and Jovan Jovanović, enrolled in the Information Technology study program, had the opportunity to undertake their internship in Spain within the framework of the Erasmus+ Mobility Program.


Biljana Kurćubić spent three months in Madrid working at EUTECH Engineers as part of her internship. Her motivation for applying for an internship in Spain, as she puts it, was to gain new experiences.

“The motivation for applying for the Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships was to gain new experiences in working and communicating with different cultures, as well as experience life in a new environment. I wanted to challenge myself in a new setting and acquire new skills. It was interesting for me to be among people who speak only their native language, while you have to find a way to communicate. Besides the internship we eagerly come for, there are still experiences we hope for but are not fully prepared for,“ says Biljana.


The Erasmus+ Mobility Program has also brought new career opportunities to Biljana.

“A great thing is that within the first month upon returning to Serbia, I received job offers on LinkedIn. I believe that speaks volumes about the program itself,“ adds Biljana.



Jovan Jovanović spent two months in Barcelona, where he completed his traineeship at Vision Factory. Jovan emphasizes that this was a pleasant and valuable experience for him.

“The traineeship program took place both in the office and through remote work. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, we were given deadlines to complete them. Our hosts, or mentors, were available to us at all times and made an effort to ensure that this was a pleasant and valuable experience for us. They regularly gave us tips on living in Barcelona,“ says Jovan.



For Jovan, this experience was more than just a tourist stay, and he believes that it’s an opportunity students should not miss.

“My stay in Spain was much more than a tourist experience, where I got to know the culture, the way of thinking of the people living there, made new acquaintances with people I am still in touch with, and who plan to visit Serbia. The most valuable aspect of this was overcoming the fear of going to an unfamiliar country, and I realized that I am capable of doing it. This is an opportunity that should, or I might even say must, be seized,“ concludes Jovan Jovanović.