Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak has the honour to invite you to participate in

9th International scientific conference Technics and Informatics in Education – TIE 2022

The Conference follows the tradition of gathering teachers, researchers and professionals engaged in various levels of technical, technological and IT education. Over the past 50 years, these gatherings have been organized in numerous forms (conferences, seminars, consultations, etc.) in Serbia and the region. From 2006 to 2014 the conference Technics and Informatics in Education – TIE was organised biennially at the Faculty of Technical Sciences as a national conference with international participation. As of 2018 TIE has a form of an international conference. The TIE conferences have had a huge impact on the development of IT, technical and scientific subjects in both primary and secondary education. The significant impact has also been perceived in diverse fields related to technical and IT education at university level. However, the new circumstances necessitate organising scientific assemblies in the field of technics and the related technologies.

The TIE 2022 conference aims to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts, professionals, researchers and teachers from Serbia and the region. The conference is expected to provide an analytical review of technical, technological and IT education, focusing on teacher training, terminology in the related fields, as well as the achievements regarding teaching aids, student books, educational assistive technology, technology supporting the enhancement of mental health and well-being, etc.

The Conference involves all the levels of technical, technological and IT education: from preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools over higher and university education, to various forms of lifelong learning.

Furthermore, the special emphasis is given to the importance and role of informatics and computer science in technical education, as well as the correlation between technical education and other natural, social and education sciences. The thematic field of ESP, encompassing foreign/second and professional languages in the realm of technics, technology and informatics, is the new aspect of the Conference.

The results of the conference are anticipated to contribute to planning the development of education in the fields of technics, technology, engineering, IT and computer sciences. The results are also expected to support the exchange of educational patterns and the alignment with regional, EU and global trends in fields in the focus. We hope that experience gained at the Conference will be very useful both for the participants and for the development of technical and technological education.

The thematic fields of the 9th international scientific conference Technics and Informatics in Education include:
• Technics and Informatics in Education,
• Educational Technology,
• Teacher Professional Development in TIE,
• IT Education and Practice,
• Engineering Education and Practice,
• ESP in Technics and Informatics: challenges and perspectives,
• Symposium "Technics and Informatics in Education: School Teachers for Teachers",
• Framework for network support for psychological and digital resilience – Concept and results of ERASMUS+ DigiPsyRes Project.

The official language of the conference is English, while the Symposium Technics and Informatics in Education: School Teachers for Teachers is realized in Serbian.