Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
has the honour to invite you to participate in 

Technics  and Informatics in Education

Call for papers

• Deadline for paper submission EXTENDED: 25th July 2022
• First notice on paper acceptance: 30th July 2022
• Deadline for final paper submission: 15th August 2022
• Notice on the final acceptance of papers: 25th August 2022
• Deadline for the registration fee payment: 5th September 2022

Instructions for paying the registration fee

For each paper, it is necessary to pay at least one registration fee in the amount of 5.000,00 dinars. In addition to providing the participation in the Conference, the registration fee provides the conference material, Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings on CD.

1. If the registration fee is paid by a company/institution, from business bank accounts, it is necessary to contact the representative of the Faculty of technical sciences via email milka.calukovic@ftn.kg.ac.rs or by phone 032/302-745, 032/302-746 in order to submit the necessary information.

2. If the registration fee is paid by individuals, from personal bank accounts, it should be paid in dinars to the bank account of Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, no. 840-875666-84, reference number 21 02246 13, the purpose of payment: for TIE 2022 Conference.

3. The registration fee for the participation in the Conference without a paper amounts to 2.000,00 and should be to the dinar account of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak no. 840-875666-84, call number 21 02246 13, with indication: for the TIE 2022 Symposium. Teachers who had mentoring engagements within the professional school practices of the Faculty of Technical Sciences students are exempt from paying the registration fee.

The deadline for paying the registration fee is Monday, September 12, 2022.