Invitation for school teachers

The first conference "Technical education in Serbia" was held in 2006, with the goal to provide a conference where STEM teachers (both from primary and secondary professional education) could have a conference organized by the institutions that educate them.

In accordance with the tradition of the conference to biannually gather teachers who, through their professional activities, promote technical culture and represent a key actor in STEM and IT literacy and education, this year’s conference is also organized with an aim of professional development of teachers.

The ninth international conference "Technics and Informatics in Education 2022" is accredited by the Institute for the Improvement of Education and Training as a form of professional development for primary and secondary school teachers, educators and professional associates. Participation in the conference sessions will be evaluated with 4 points. You can read more information on the ZUOV website.

Employees in education can participate with a paper/presentation or attend the conference without a paper/presentation and be participants in the active dialogue and exchange of experiences.

To participate in the Conference, you can register via the Google Forms questionnaire, which will be open for registration until September 12, 2022.

Participants who are employed in schools will also receive a special proof of attendance in the form of a certificate.

For participants wthout paper, the registration fee is 2,000 dinars.

Teachers who had mentoring engagements within the professional school practices of students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences are exempted from paying the registration fee.

In addition to the Symposium "Technology and Informatics in Education: Teachers for Teachers", in which the works will be presented in Serbian, we invite teachers and other employees in education to attend and follow the presentation of papers in other sections according to their needs and interests (more details about other thematic areas of the Conference). The work in the sections is scheduled so that all participants can participate. The plan of activities can be found on a Conference link.