ERASMUS+ project DigiPsyRes

"Enhancing digital and psychological resilience through peer networking in the online environment in times of crises – DigiPsyRes"

Within the TIE 2022 conference, a special thematic segment will be dedicated to the current ERASMUS+ project which is realized under the section strategic partnerships in higher education and is run by the University of Kragujevac (2021-2024.). Project activities propose a round table, a symposium and a workshop addressing the issue of psychological and social resilience of students in times of crises, all as separate activities within the session.

We kindly invite all interested enthusiasts to join the "Digital and Psychological Resilience Session" at the TIE 2022 conference and take part in our research findings, knowledge and ideas sharing on September 17th, 2022. To take part in this session (online or in person), please, register through this link:

We welcome proposals (original scientific, professional or review papers) that tackle any kind of aspect of overcoming psycho-social obstacles in the digital environment through gaining competence of digital resilience process or address the issue of providing psychological support to help maintain the overall wellbeing of students. Please, send your contributions to, with the paper template available here.

Suggested topics for papers might include but are not restricted to:
- Digital resilience as a segment of the overall digital competence of students,
- Psycho-social empowering of students in a digital environment, and raising awareness of the significance of the psychological support in times of crises,
- Capacity building in universities for providing adequate support to students for overcoming psycho-social obstacles that are related to digital (online) learning,
- Development of courses and training for providing support to students in addressing digital resilience,
- Impact of the decreased digital resilience onto the student achievements that are connected to studying and learning,
- Empowering students and teachers to engage in addressing problems of digital resilience, networking, inter-institutional cooperation,
- Mental wellbeing of students in the digital environment – challenges and perspectives,
- Contribution to enhancing digital resilience of students which are directed from educational institutions (initiatives, actions, networks).

Project summary:
The project is entitled "Enhancing digital and psychological resilience through peer networking in the online environment in times of crises-DigiPsyRes" (2021-1-RS01- КA220-HED000032204). This multidisciplinary project, which relies on psycho-social support to students in overcoming psycho-social and educational obstacles in times of crisis, deals with the development of training programs for providing the support, as well as the development of digital resources for institutional networking of students’ digital communities and professional institutions for psychosocial and pedagogical support. The project aims at raising awareness of the importance of the digital resilience and wellbeing of students, and capacity building in universities for mapping and overcoming the related problems. The partners on this project are University in Foggia Italy and Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz Poland. The realization period of the project is 2021-2024.

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