tio2012 Conference
Technical faculty Čačak
1-3rd, June 2012

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Technical Faculty Čačak has the honour to invite you to participate in scientific Conference of Technics and Informatics in Education, TIO 2012


This assembly continues the tradition of gathering scientific associates and professionals in Technical, technological and information-technological primary and secondary education in Serbia. For the last 50 years this assembly has been organized in various forms (scientific and professional conferences and consultations on technical education, information technologies, technical seminars, etc.). These scientific and professional conferences have had a huge impact on the development of technical education, mostly in primary education, but also in secondary education. This impact is also noticeable in both higher and university education in technical fields.

Nowadays, conspicuously unjustified decline of interest in technics is mostly caused by the unpredictability of circumstances for the further progress, and uncoordinated and uneven approaches to certain fields. All the more so, there is a necessity for continuous organized scientific assembly in this subject matter.

Conference of Technics and Informatics in Education, TIO 2010 aims at the increase of exchange of scientific and professional knowledge and experiences between the experts, scientific associates and professionals from Serbia and regions engaged in this subject matter. This subject matter includes technical (technological) education at all levels: primary, secondary and high education. The conference will include a review and analytical reference to the education in this field, the necessity of change and constant improvement of teaching material and programmes, student books and other teaching aids, possibilities of utilizing multimedia and other means. The place, importance, and role of informatics and information technologies in technical education and in scientific fields will be emphasized at the Conference.

By following European experiences and visions of future education development in this field we will encounter European integrations of education. In accordance with this we shall envisage and plan the education of teachers of technical (technological) education within which pedagogical universities will have a significant role.

The conference results are expected to provide the basis for planning of education development in Serbia, especially in the sector of technical (technological) education, information technologies and informatics.

We hope that experiences gained at the Conference will be very useful both for the participants and for the development of technical-technological education field.

Technical faculty Čačak 1-3rd, June 2012