Best conference paper: Remote control of pneumatic circular manipulator using CompactRIO controller, autori Vule Reljić, Brajan Bajči, Jovan Šulc, Dragan Šešlija i Slobodan Dudić

Best conference paper of Technics and Informatics Teacher
tech: Importance of TIE subject in education, autor Natalija Diković.


Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak has the honour to invite you to participate in scientific Conference of Technics and Informatics in Education, TIO 2016

This assembly continues the tradition of gathering scientific associates and professionals in technical, technological and IT education in primary and secondary schools in Serbia. For the last 50 years this assembly has been organized in various forms (scientific and professional conferences and consultations on technical education, information technologies, technical seminars, etc.). These scientific and professional conferences have had a huge impact on the development of technical education, mostly in primary education, as well as in secondary education. This impact is also noticeable in both higher and university education in technical fields. Five National conferences with International participation titled Technics and Informatics in Education were held in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014. Still, the necessity for continuous, organized scientific assembly related to technics in new surrounding and connection with other technologies has increased. 
The aim of the conference TIO 2016 is to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts, scientific associates and professionals from Serbia, surrounding countries and Europe, engaged in the subject matter. The conference will provide an analytical review of technical (technological) and IT education, as well as education regarding technical (technological) and IT achievements including assistive technology, teaching aids, student books, etc.. Teacher training is considered highly significant for research and development in education in this field.
The Conference includes technical (technological) education at all levels: from preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools over higher and university education, to various forms of lifelong learning.
Furthermore, the special emphasis will be given to the place, importance, and role of informatics and IT in technical and professional education, as well as correlation with other natural, social and education science.
A comprehensive analytical review will be given on the state of education in the field of technics and informatics, as well as the contribution of technical and IT education to other fields.
The conference results are expected to provide the basis for planning the development of education in Serbia, especially in the fields of technical (technological) education, engineering, IT and informatics. The results are also expected to support and contribute to the exchange of educational patterns in the neighbouring region and coordination with European trends in this field.
We hope that experience gained at the Conference will be very useful both for the participants and for the development of technical-technological education field.
The thematic fields of the conference Technics and Informatics in Education are the following:

  • Challenges in technical and IT education – from preschool to university
  • Remote experiments - NeReLa Demo section
  • Information and Educational Technologies
  • Professional development of  IT and technical education teachers
  • Engineering Education
  • Technical and Technological Education in European perspective