JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning


THE 1st  COORDINATION MEETING, October, 12-14, 2007
Technical faculty Cacak, Svetog Save 65, Serbia



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RTV Čačak video October 12, 2007 >>> Watch Video



Presentation at YUINFO 2008 Conference, March, 12, 2008
Congress center, Kopaonik, Serbia



We were invited by the organizers of YUINFO 2008 CONFERENCE to present our project TEMPUS JEP 41016-2006 “M.Sc. curriculum in e-Learning” in the special session devoted to international projects.


YUINFO 2008 CONFERENCE includes several topics, such as E-Society (E-Learning, E-Government, E-Business, E-Health, Internet,....), information systems, software development, artificial intelligence etc. Professor Danijela Milošević, from the Technical faculty Čačak has presented TEMPUS programme, as a whole, and than presented TEMPUS JEP project "M.Sc. curriculum in e-Learning" including its activities, overview, goals and current status of performed activities. The audience was very interested in the project presentation and a lot of questions concerning our future master studies were raised, so we were very pleased to answer all of them.

The presentation and photos from this dissemination visit can be seen on: Project Photo Gallery


Also, on the official web site of the conference can be seen some photos and resume from the dissemination presentation:


The results of this dissemination visit were presented to the management of the Technical faculty Cacak and the management of TFC supported this activity completely.



Project presentation at TIO 2008 Conference in Čačak, May, 9-11,2008
Technical faculty Cacak, Svetog Save 65, Serbia



Project is presented at the conference Technics and Informatics in Education - TIO 2008, held at Technical faculty Čačak during 9-11. May 2008, trough several activities:

  • poster exibition in the main hall at the conference reception desk
  • offering flyers to conference participants
  • presentation of paper "Infrastructure of the Hypermedia laboratory for master studies in e-Learning"


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Presentation of new master studies in e-learning to prospective students from Montenegro and to the management of the Faculty of information technology, June 18-22, 2008
University of Mediteran, Podgorica, Montenegro



We were invited by the Faculty of information technology, University of Mediteran to present our TEMPUS project "M.Sc. Curriculum in e-Learning" and to introduce the prospective students with our new master studies in e-learning which will take place in October 2008 at the Technical faculty in Čačak. The teaching staff of the Faculty for information technology in Podgorica were very interested in TEMPUS projects as a whole, and especially in our project since they also intend to develop similar master studies in the recent future. That is also why we started the initiative to enlarge our project consortium with partner from Montenegro.


The audience for our presentation on new master studies starting in October 2008 were mainly teachers in secondary schools who would like to enroll on master studies for e-learning in order to broaden their knowledge which would further help them for better career making and better jobs. After the presentation, the audience had a lot of questions concerning this new studies and many of them showed a big interest in this program.


During our stay we also had several meetings with staff from various departments in order to exchange our ideas and knowledge, and also to get know better the e-learning system which University of Mediteran has just bought.


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Dissemination at IEEE meeting at University of Maribor, July 2008
University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia


On 4th July 2008 dr Danijela Milosevic held an invited lecture at UM FERI - University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Maribor, Slovenia in the framework of International IEEE Education Society Technical Meeting and TEMPUS "M.Sc. Curriculum in ELearning" project. Lecture was entitled 'Didactical view of M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning for Technical Sciences' and included joint work up to now concerning TEMPUS project with highlighted didactical and pedagogical points in the new master studies starting in october 2008. The audience was very interested in the subject and a lot of discussion with plenty ideas and suggestions raised after the presentation.



- Invitation to International IEEE Education Society Technical Meeting

- IEEE Education Society Chapter in Slovenia Meeting Confirmation


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