The Innovation Incubator of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, supported by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, is the driving force for the development of new ideas, the creation of an innovation community and the promotion of entrepreneurship. The role of the Innovation Incubator is to support the creation of innovations and provide assistance to teams that want to start their businesses. This is where new ideas are developed and the growth and success of those teams in the marketplace is encouraged.

The basic elements and activities of the Innovation Incubator are:


To support and encourage research and development of ideas, as well as to connect subjects of innovative activities from the academic community and the business sector, we provide a knowledge infrastructure, modernly equipped laboratories and facilities.


Providing specific training as well as organizing workshops, courses and seminars aimed at improving entrepreneurial skills. In addition to the domain knowledge acquired at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, the improvement of entrepreneurial education creates opportunities for the development of mentoring programs that connect students and researchers with experienced experts from various sectors of the industry.


Establishing connections between experienced mentors and startup teams for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experience, as well as providing advice in areas such as business idea development, business plan production, marketing, finance, etc.


Providing information on available sources of funding innovative ideas and organizing events (pitch sessions) where ideas can be presented to potential investors. Providing support for applications to available calls for funding ideas.


Networking and cooperation with other scientific research organizations and innovation centers with the aim of transfering knowledge, technologies and experiences.


1. Continuous support for the development of ideas
2. Organizing events that strengthen startup entrepreneurship
3. Continuous education of teams from different fields
4. Providing mentoring support and networking with the economy and industry
5. Following public calls to secure funding for teams and development of ideas
6. Providing space for developing ideas, testing prototypes and other activities
7. Connecting with other elements of the innovation ecosystem

The innovation incubator team, in cooperation with experts from various fields of business, provides support in the formation and management of startup teams during their development journey. From the initial idea to its realization, we foster an environment of creativity and collaboration, providing support during idea development and market research, in order to jointly identify ideas with the greatest potential for commercialization.

Using available resources, we enable teams to thrive in a competitive environment while providing various types of support for the development of entrepreneurial skills, marketing strategy and intellectual property protection, which are just some of the aspects of our comprehensive approach in working with startup teams. We are committed to continuous improvement in the process of developing and concretizing ideas by tracking progress through key performance indicators. In this way, we ensure that teams achieve their goals and develop successfully in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment.