In brief

The Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak was founded in 1975. It is the most versatile Faculty within the University of Kragujevac, as it is the only institution that has accredited programs in both academic and professional studies in the technological field. At the same time, FTS has the biggest number of active students among 12 of the University Faculties. Currently, there are about 2.500 active students. Since the foundation, more than 14.000 engineers have graduated from FTS (5.774 academic studies, 7.446 professional studies), and as many as 90 PhD degrees have been earned. Currently, The Faculty offers more than 20 study programs at all three levels, all of which are accredited and fully compliant with similar programs found in the best EU universities.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak is a state institution of higher education that is engaged in teaching, scientific research activities, and the provision of intellectual services. The study programs are designed according to the needs of students and market requirements, and they encompass the study of the latest professional disciplines that follow the rapid technological development of the global industry. All programs are accredited. As part of its scientific research activities, the Faculty organizes professional and scientific conferences, seminars, and consultations, and promotes professional development, and study visits for its teaching staff. The Faculty is recognizable for its successful publishing activities.

The mission of the Faculty is to educate young and qualified professionals in the field of technical sciences and technology, through continuous innovation of teaching contents, the application of modern teaching methods and techniques, and through the research process, within academic and professional studies: electrical engineering, electronics and computer science, informatics, information technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, printing technology, clothing engineering and management.

The vision of the Faculty is to develop into a modern European higher education institution recognized for its scientific research achievements and the accomplishments of its graduates, masters, and doctors of science. Nurturing excellence in education, the Faculty aims to change the overall economic environment of Serbia, where our engineers and professors, with theoretical and practical knowledge acquired at the Faculty, can compete equally in the market competition and contribute to the overall social development.

• Promoting the values of engineering and technology as a profession and field of expertise.
• Increasing interest in studying electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, mechanical engineering, graphic technology, information technology, mechatronics, and management.
• Raising the quality level of academic and professional studies.
• Constantly improving teaching plans and programs.
• Strengthening all forms of cooperation with industry and other educational institutions in the country and abroad.
• Providing opportunities for students to expand their knowledge according to their own choices and specialize in their desired areas.
• Disseminating the latest scientific and professional knowledge, fostering the development of science and scientific research.
• Continuously creating new scientific, teaching, and professional staff, as well as improving the scientific and professional younger generation.
• Ensuring mobility and international recognition of qualifications obtained at all study levels.
• Organizing conferences, workshops, public lectures, and thus creating an academic atmosphere in the region.
• Publishing textbooks and other literature, scientific and non-scientific publications.

Today, the Faculty is seeking opportunities for new advancements, both in the educational and scientific research domains. Undoubtedly, our first goal is to enhance our research capacities, as it is the best way to achieve new successes, develop new educational profiles, and attract a greater number of students at all study levels. As part of this, a priority is given to the development of doctoral studies organized around research projects that will be implemented at the Faculty by young individuals under the guidance of experienced professors.

The Faculty offers education to potential students at three levels of academic studies (undergraduate, integrated master's, and doctoral) and two levels of professional studies (undergraduate and master's) in the following areas:

Academic Studies:
• Power Engineering - undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies
• Mechatronics - undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies
• Information Technology - undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies
*Information Technology in Mechanical Engineering - undergraduate
• Engineering Management - undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies
• Entrepreneurial Management – master’s studies

Professional Studies:
• Electrical Engineering and Computer Science- undergraduate, master's studies
• Mechanical Engineering and Informatics - undergraduate, master's studies
• Printing Technology - undergraduate studies
• Production and Ecological Management - undergraduate studies
• Information Technology - undergraduate studies
• Production Engineering - master's studies
*Clothing engineering and Design – undergraduate (regular and dual)
* Production Engineering – master’s studies

In addition to standard study programs, the Faculty enables students to acquire additional knowledge and specializations through various courses, seminars, and study visits both domestically and internationally. The Faculty is one of the founders of Science-Technology Park Čačak (there are only 4 such parks in Serbia), which allows further investment in the know-how and practical skills of our students, and allows them to set up their own start-ups.

At the same time, the Faculty actively collaborates with the industry and other institutions, organizing internships, projects, and research in cooperation with partners. This provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world environments and gain practical skills.

For the past 4 decades, the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak has developed into one of the largest scientific and educational institutions in this part of Serbia. In this way, FTS represents an important centre of knowledge transfer, research and development, innovation and application of modern technical achievements.