Arrival to Serbia


By plane

When you arrive to Serbia by plane, you will land at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. Nikola Tesla Airport is located 18 kilometers away from the center of Belgrade. There are frequent bus lines that connect the airport with city center as well as the bus station. Timetable and additional details about the ticket purchase can be found here. Also the taxi can be used for the transport to the city center and the bus station for the price around 15 euros. The list of Taxi association and other information can be found here. For car renting, you can find the information about the rental agencies here.


By train

If you travel to Serbia by train, we suggest getting to Belgrade railway station, which is locaded next to the bus station, from which you can take further trip to Čačak by frequent bus lines. The timetable can be found here.

Arrival to Čačak

By car

Thanks to the good geographical position, it's possible to arrive to the city from few important roadways:

  • From Belgrade, across Ljig, by State road and further via European route E 11
  • From Belgrade, across Mladenovac and Topola, by State road
  • From the Montenegrin border, across Zlatibor, by State road

By bus

Čačak is connected by bus lines with almost every city in the country. The best connection is with Belgrade (departures are every hour). The bus station is located in the city center.

By taxi

If you wish to take a taxi from Belgrade to Čačak, the contact persons can arrange for you the taxi ride with some of the taxi associations from Čačak, including the driver waiting for you at the airport with a sign. This service cost around 60 euros.

The contact persons can be found in the section Contact.

Citizens of most of European countries can enter Serbia without visas for up to 90 days, including many other countries, so you should check, before travelling to Serbia, whether you need visa. For doing that, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

In case you need visa to enter Serbia, please,visit following links for more information:

For more information regarding the issuance of visa, please contact diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Serbia in your country, or the nearest one. You can find the list of Serbian embassies around the world here.

Registration upon arrival


All foreign citizents have to contact the Office for Foreigners of the Ministry of Interior in Čačak (Police Department) within 24 hours upon arrival and register their place of residence in Čačak. If the person is accommodated in a student dormitory, hotel or hostel they will register the person and issue the guest so called "white card". If a person is accommodated in a private apartment he/she needs to register his/her place of residence alone. Exchange student is obliged to submit a copy of White Card, immediately after receiving it, to the International Relation Office of the University of Kragujevac and to the relevant faculty.

Note: If a foreign citizent leaves the Republic of Serbia within a 90-day period granted for his/her stay, without applying for temporary residence permit, he/she is obliged to register with the competent body after any subsequent entrering the country within 24 hours according to the above described procedure.

Holders of White Card may reside in the Republic of Serbia for 90 days. If your exchange period exceeds 90 days, you have to apply for authorization of temporary stay. Foreign students are advised to apply for authorization of temporary stay as early as possible (during the first month of their stay) to prevent possible problems that may occur, such as incomplete documantation required for granting temporary residence permit, or not enough time to obtain it. Here you can find the general list of required documents, as well as specific documents for the stay related to academic exchange purpose (enrollment/attendance certificate from the University).


Issuance of temporary residence permit - Registration procedure for exchange students


Exchange students should firstly register at the International Relations Office of the University of Kragujevac, in order to receive all important documents and information, as well as the certificate of the University stating that you are exchange student.

For submitting the request for approval of temporary stay it is necessary to enclose the following:

  • Valid travel document (passport)
  • Proof of Accommodation (a certificate from the housing provider/hostel, dormitory, etc/ or personal presence of the flat owner in case of a private accommodation)
  • Certificate of the university or school attended by foreign citizen
  • Two photographs (4x3 cm, colored, enface)
  • Filled form No. 8 (request for issuing a temporary stay visa - for foreign citizens) 3 copies, printed two-sided
  • Copy of insurance
  • Copy of White Card
  • Proof of paid submission fee for stay

The International Realation Office staff will guide the exchange students through this process upon arrival.


Students' Center in Čačak
Address: Svetog Save 66, 32102 Čačak
Phone: +381 (0)32 222302
Fax: +381 (0)32 222302
Web: (info available only in Serbian)


Private accommodation

Taking into account very reasonable prices, for many of our students, private accommodation might even prove better value. The average price for single room apartment is between 100 and 150 EUR per month (depends on the location and amenities) excluding utilities.

We can give advice and provide assistance, but do not offer or provide private accommodation. International students will have support of local students in finding private accommodation.

For finding accommodation in Cacak, visit the this site.