JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning

Project Background

The project should address the two main problems:

  • to enable high-quality and specialized education in the field of e-learning; and
  • to establish the new M.Sc. studies in e-learning according to the principles of the Bologna declaration.

There is a significant lack of studies in e-learning at universities in Serbia. At the same time there is a growing need for e-learning, not only for higher education, but also at any level of education, within the program of life-long learning and finally for industrial and organizational purposes.

Therefore, it is major need for all Serbian partner universities to establish studies leading to a M.Sc. degree that will educate future experts for design and implementation of e-learning. Those experts will be highly specialized in the planning, budgeting, development, delivery, and support of e-education and distance training programs.

In order to accomplish this it will be necessary to create a number of new courses in the field of elearning following the Bologna declaration, and to retrain teaching staff.

The need for this kind of education is self-evident and we believe that through a joint effort of Serbian universities working in cooperation with our EU partners we can combine our experiences, our equipment, our staff and our knowledge and deliver high-quality education in the field of e-learning.

Besides, we aim to develop new teaching methodology for postgraduate studies.

The new M.Sc. curricula in e-learning must be in line with those used at the world's leading universities in the relevant fields of study. To accomplish this, we expect significant help from our EU partner universities and individual experts.

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