JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning

Grant co-ordinator

Mrs. Radojka Krneta
Associate professor
University of Kragujevac
Technical faculty Cacak
Department of Computer Science
Svetog Save 65
Cacak, Serbia
Phone: +381 32 302-762
Fax: +381 32 342-101

University of Kragujevac (KG) Serbia

Technical faculty Cacak, University of Kragujevac educate professionals in the field of pedagogical and technical sciences and by now it became recognized as the first-level scientific and educational institution in the region. It has about 65 teaching staff in the fields of computer science, electrotechnics, electroenergetics and management. Faculty has modern equipped classrooms and 4 laboratories with 60 PC and LAN network with 100 PC with Internet connection. Faculty posses Laboratory for Computer science and Laboratory for Information technology with researches who are active participant in several research projects concerning e-learning. In 2006. the faculty started with new master study programs in accordance with Bologna principles which should be enlarged with modern scientific fields such as e-learning.

Due to established e-learning centar at University of Kragujevac and concerning elearning task force group recommendation of creating qualified experts who will faster introduce and implement the process of e-learning in Serbia, Technical faculty Cacak has readiness to introduce new master curriculum in e-learning, especially because in the existing master studies there are several courses in field of e-learning. The faculty has two projects with EU partner, University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, WUS Curriculum Development Project in Signal and Systems and one joint project in the field of distance education titled "Implementation of the strategy for development and use of e-learning in Serbia&Montenegro". Several master thesis and Ph.D. thesis in field of e-learning are currently elaborating at Technical Faculty.

This consortium member will also actively participate in creating core modules and syllabus, as well as elective and institution-specific curriculum subjects, development of teaching material for particular subjects, implementation of new curriculum and coordination and management with other consortium members.

Technical faculty Cacak, Svetog Save 65, 32000 Cacak, Serbia
phone. (+381 32) 30 27 62, fax. (+381 32) 34 21 01
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