JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning

EU Members

Mr. Jon Dron
Principal Lecturer
University of Brighton
School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences
BN2 4GJ Brighton
Watts Building, Lewes Road
Brighton, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1273 642480
Fax: +44 1273 642405

University of Brighton (BR)
The School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences is at the forefront of teaching, research and consultancy in a range of discipline areas: media and communications, librarianship and information management, computing and information systems and mathematical sciences. With around 70 teaching staff and over 1300 students. The school offers a comprehensive range of foundation degree, honours degree, PhD and masters degree programmes. Its extensive applied research and consultancy activity ensures that these courses are up to date, relevant and serve the needs of both students and employers. In both research and teaching, the school has conducted award-winning work in the area of e-learning. As well as using distance delivery in its teaching, it is running two pioneering postgraduate courses and has a number of doctoral students in this area. It has strong links with the e-learning industry in the city of Brighton & Hove, which accounts for over 10% of the UK's e-learning market (equivalent to that of London).

According to the overall goals of the project, the contributions of this consortium member, will be analysis of international recommendations and to cast a critical eye and give feedback in later stages over the curriculum as it develops, and to actively participate in supervising during creating specific curriculum subjects and evaluation of realization of courses within curriculum.


Mr. Denis Helic
Assistant Professor
University of Technology Graz
Faculty of Computer Science
Inffeldgasse 16c A-8010
Graz , Austria
Phone: +43 316 873 5617
Fax: +43 316 873 5699

University of Technology GRAZ
Since the beginning of 2004 the Faculty of Computer Science is one of seven faculties of the Graz University of Technology. The Faculty offers study programs in Telematics, Software Development-Economy (both offered at Bachelor or Master levels, and Technical Mathematics).

These studies, offered nowhere else in Austria, have been chosen by more than 250 persons in 2004/2005, that is more than a quarter of the university entrants of the Graz Technical University. From 2005 there are additionally two new study programs: "Computer Science" and "Informatics and Informatics Management". In recent years, the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media IICM has developed E-Learning system called WBT-Master which offers flexible collection of socalled training objects that can be adapted to individual training scenarios. WBT-Master is used for ELearning at the TU Graz and was used and evaluated in the framework of the EU funded FP5 project CORONET . The most recent research activity in E-Learning is AdeLE, Adaptive E-Learning with eye-tracking, which addresses some innovative research ideas, such as fine-grained user profiling by means of eye gaze detection. Further, TU Graz is an associated partner in the ProLearn NoE participating in the workpackage on metadata standards.

According to the overall goals of the project, the contributions of this consortium member will be software and technology review, overview on current e-learning specifications, standards, and detailed review on OpenSource software, preparing teaching materials, methodologies and multimedia teaching materials and supervising during creating specific curriculum subjects.

Technical faculty Cacak, Svetog Save 65, 32000 Cacak, Serbia
phone. (+381 32) 30 27 62, fax. (+381 32) 34 21 01
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