JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning

Project Description

Considering the support given by the Serbian government and the Ministry of Education, as well as, the readiness of the university institutions, the major assumptions for introducing the new M.Sc. curriculum in e-learning are established.


The aim of the project is to create and to implement a M.Sc. curriculum in e-learning according to the Bologna declaration, for all consortium partners from Serbia.

  • Since the new law of higher education in Serbia anticipate e-learning, the need for qualified experts in that field is self-evident and therefore creating M.Sc. curriculum in e-learning is esential. These experts will be required to be active advocates for e-learning in their organizations and need to manage significant change processes that affect the entire organization and society as a whole.
  • As M.Sc. curriculum in e-learning doesn't exist at Serbian partner universities and e -education is one of the strategic goals in development of information society in the Republic of Serbia, the new M.Sc. curriculum in this field will be certainly accredited by the Ministry of education in Serbia. If the curriculum is accredited and supported by the Ministry of Education, its financial sustainability is to some extent ensured.
  • A major goal from the "Strategy for the Development of Information Society in the Republic of Serbia" concerning development of e-Education would be addressed by developing the new curriculum.
  • Together with curriculum development, purchasing of a new equipment for supporting the
    educational process will be enabled by project realisation.
  • In order to solve problems identified by eLearning Task Force group it is necessary to create qualified experts who will faster introduce and implement the process of e-learning in Serbia.
  • The implementation of this curriculum at partner universities will produce qualyfied experts in the field of e-learning and will provide an environment for teacher's and student's mobility.
  • The project will also assure retraining of partner universites teaching staff .
  • These master studies should be also good preparation of graduate students for Ph.D. studies in field of e-learning.

Target group of project primarily contains undergraduate students from partner universities with advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of computer science, computer engineering and education technologies. Target group also consist of employees at any level of education and industrial organizations who need additional knowledge in e-learning.

Target group for teacher retraining consist of teaching staff from partner universities. Expected number of students for pilot implementation is about 15 students per each partner university e.g. 3x15=45 students due to attractive new study program that meets the needs of additional knowledge in e-learning for educational and industrial organizations. Required entry qualifications are B.Sc. level study with at least 240 ECTS.


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