JEP - 41016 - 2006 M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning

Individual experts

Mr. Radu Adrian Vasiu
Professor, Assistant manager of Distance Education Study Centre "Politehnica"
University of Timisoara, Romania

Mrs. Samra Mujacic

Assistant Professor
Head of the University Centre for Distance Education Development
University of Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mrs. Suzana Loskovska
Associate professor
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Skopje, Macedonia

Romania, Bosnia and Macedonia
Since of the significant lack of master study curriculum in e-learning at Serbian universities and teaching staff doesn't have practical experiences with e-learning tehnology and equipment usage, specific expertise in the field of e- learning is indispensable for the achievement of the objectives in this project.

Suggested experts from RO and BA which are head persons of their university centres for elearning have rich practical and theoretical experience in e-learning technology and equipment usage.

They also have several international projects about development of e-learning courses. Their contribution will to supervise curriculum development process, especially with new courses which they are familiar with. Also, they will have the important supervisory role in the implementation of the new M.Sc. curriculum.

Suggested expert from MK is a vice-dean for education and member of the university group responsible for introduction of ECTS at the University of "St. Cyril and Nethodius" in Skopje with rich experience in curriculum development according to Bologna principles. This expert will be responsible for quality assurance during curriculum development and implementation.

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